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Food plays a crucial role in our whole being – from your blood to your DNA, you are what you eat. Food has a power to regenerate the new you. But there is no one diet or lifestyle that works for everyone and health is not only about diet and exercise.  Your relationship, career, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors play an equal if not a greater role in improving your overall wellbeing. We’re not just hungry or nourished by food; we need love, movement, stability, a higher purpose, and self-expression in our lives to thrive.


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I support, guide and empower my clients to make small sustainable changes in lifestyle and nutrition to bring back joy into their lives.


I specialize in working with people who want to improve their health around weight management, emotional eating and stress management. I help my clients to naturally lose weight, reduce and effectively maintain stress, improve sleep, diet, energy level, and overall feeling of well-being.


To reach the optimal results I offer 12-sessions program with weekly or bi-weekly sessions in person or on-line. A shorter version of the program is also available.


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  • Luba kept me focused on my goals, encouraged me to stay on tasks, provided recipes and suggestions to what and how to eat. Since I started the program, I have much more energy and stamina, have lost weight and feel better in my clothes, have more confidence in myself and a more positive outlook and mood. I am enjoying my life more and have the energy to do more activities during the day.     ~Corinne~


  • Luba is very supportive and caring.  She really listened to my concerns and helped me to develop alternative ways to achieve my goals, providing many suggestions that gave me options and a different way to be successful. I am happy that she was willing to spend the time with me to meet and exceed my personal goals and helps me to realize how to live a better more balanced life. She taught me the tools to be successful and give me the confidence to make positive changes.

  • Luba helped me work toward my goals by listening and questioning my goals to better understand my real intentions and realize my true goals.  Luba advised me to listen to my inner-self, to meditate, and to dream of my desires and concentrate on my goals. As a result, I have less melt downs and anger bursts…     


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Integrative Nutrition

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